• August: Book Lovers, Come Volunteer and Spread the Love of Reading to Local Children!

    My Little Travelling Library , South Africa
  • Duration

    12 Days, 11 Nights

  • Location

    Mwanza, Tanzania.

  • Price

    Volunteering at own expense

Travel to the heart of Africa and help spread the love of education and reading among the community with a group of volunteers

My Little Traveling Library is a non-profit organization that works with public primary schools running various literacy programs. These include: providing learning materials using specially designed mobile handcarts, running various interactive reading classes with children, organizing reading events, picnics and reading competitions. We aim at motivating independent reading to children and help them master English.

We also run a solar bag production firm. This firm produces solar bags for children from disadvantaged families in rural areas to use as a source of light to read during the night. We are currently working in 16 schools, reaching over 6400 children.

Volunteering Activities

  • Arts
  • Teaching
  • Sustainability
  • Social Work
  • Community Outreach
  • Education


We offer free, high standard accommodation. There are shared rooms (2 to 8 people in the rooms but with separate beds – dorm style) and private rooms, a coffee place, and a quiet and colorful garden.

Please note that although water and electricity are provided, there is a limitation by which volunteers will have to contribute. However, its never more than $10. There is Wi-Fi available as well but it requires some contribution depending on the number of volunteers in the house (usually around $5 or less).

This house will be your second home in Tanzania. There are optional house programs like international language classes, Mjanja talks (like TEDX), Swahili dance night, movie nights, house parties and BBQ.

Typical Day

Typical activities will be:

  • Organizing small reading groups for children
  • Organize reading competitions, picnics, games and outdoor activities
  • Helping children learn new words and spelling
  • Helping the little ones learn how to read and help them enjoy their experience with school
  • Recycling used blank papers to help produce notebooks to record their readings
  • Using projectors, or audio devices to teach various topics
  • Helping kids learn songs, playbook characters, dance or other activities you know
  • Preparing and producing reading content for children and help them prepare some of their own
  • Advice and setting up organization’s sustainability activities like fundraising or charity balls

Your typical day will look like:

7 to 7:45: Wake up/breakfast/get ready for work

8 to 9:40: Volunteer Work

9:50 to 10:30: Break

10:50 am to 12:10: Volunteer Work

12:10 to 12:30 pm: Break

12:30 to 13:20: Volunteer Work

13:20 to 14:  Lunch

14 to 16: Free time (optional free Swahili class)

16 to 17: Optional evening reading with kids at the house garden

17 to 19: Optional evening walk, sunset viewing at the lake, etc.

19 to 20: Dinner time (Optional)

20 to 21:30: Optional evening activities


We have a car at the house for an emergency and its free transportation. The hospital is 3 km from the house. A security company that guards the house is also there to assist in case of anything needed 24/7.

What’s included in the fee?


Pick Up/Drop Off

Community Events

Hospital Transport

What’s not included in the fee?

The following is not included in the fee:

  • Flights
  • Insurance: participants are encouraged to consult a travel clinic and/or their personal physician to discuss recommended immunizations for Tanzania
  • Visa, if needed
  • Meals
  • $10 towards electricity and $5 towards WiFi


  • Pickup: After the group has verified the date and time of arrival at Mwanza Airport, our representative will be there to pick them up. The house is around 16 km from the Airport.
  • Dropoff: Depending on the date they decide to leave, we are flexible.