• Trekking & Explore Usambara Mountain Ranges

    Usambara Mountains Tanzania
  • Trekking & Explore Usambara Mountain Ranges

  • Trekking & Explore Usambara Mountain Ranges

  • Duration

    2 Nights, 3 Days

  • Location

    Usambara Mountains, Lushoto, Tanzania

  • Basic Package

    Starting From USD 500 per person

  • Price

    USD 500 per person


What’s included in the price?

  • Return ground transport from Dar Es Salaam to the destinations.
  • Accommodation
  • Soft drinks throughout
  • Meals at the Hotel (Breakfast and Dinner)

What you will do throughout the day;
You will trek and hike through a beautiful mountain forest of Magamba, Mambo View and Soni Waterfalls.

About Magamba Nature Reserve

Magamba Nature Forest Reserve (MNFR) is a state owned forest reserve in Lushoto District managed by Tanzania Forest Services Agency (TFS) under Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and it has been designated as Nature Forest Reserve since March 2016. It covers a total of 9,283 ha. This Reserve has remained unspoiled due to the conservation efforts of the Lushoto people and Government.


Reserve is located in Lushoto district at 4°40’S and 38°15’E. The reserve altitude varies between 1650 and 2300 m.a.s.l where Kwehondo peak being the highest peak of the reserve rising to about 2300 m.a.s.l.



Magamba Nature Forest Reserve has high biological diversity with high richness of flora and fauna due to the varied altitudinal and climatic conditions present in the area. The reserve is managed for biodiversity conservation, water sources, ecotourism activities and research purposes. Dominant tree species include: Ocotea usambarensis, Tabernaemontana pachysiphon, Macaranga conglomerata, Albizia gummifera, Vepris nobilis, Syzgium guineense, Aphloia theiformis, Dasylepis integra, Flacourtia indica and Psychotria goetzei. Shrub species include: Chassalia discolour, Dodonea viscosa, Dracaena afromontana, Erica benguelensis, Grewia similis, Gymnanthemum myrianthum, Lijndenia procteri, Lobelia giberroa, Memecylon deminutum and Pavetta abyssinica. Other plants include: Toddalia asiatica (climber), Landolphia kirkii (climber) and Cyathea manniana (fern).
Animals include bush-pig, black and white Colobus monkeys, rabbits, antelope sand squirrels whereas; reptiles include chameleons, lizards and snakes. The forest also has varieties of birds species including owls, swifts, Caprimulgus guttifer (Usambara nightjar) Bubo vosseleri (Usambara eagle owl), Neocossyehus poensis (White tailed ant-thrush), Turdus pelios (African thrush), Turdus roehli (Usambara thrush), Sheppardia Montana (Usambara akalat), Nectarinia usambaricus (Usambara sunbird), Ploceus melanogaster (Black billed weaver) and Pachyphates supperciliosus (Compact weaver) and a number of insects such as butterflies, ants, beetles, millipedes and centipede species.
Visitors can experience the flora and fauna of the reserve through sights seeing, walking and hiking through beautiful mountain forest.


Experience amazing views of valleys and nature from the top of the Usambara Mountains. Spend a night at Mambo View Point Lodge on a 2nd night and witness some beautiful sunrise and sunsets. The lodge offers a restaurant and a coffee shop/café. A bar/lounge is on site where guests can unwind with a drink. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning. Public areas are equipped with complimentary wireless Internet access. Business-related amenities at this 3-star property consist of a 24-hour business center and a meeting room. This family-friendly lodge also offers a terrace, tour/ticket assistance, and barbecue grills.